Searching for the Cure - a letter to Google that could help thousands

    We have sent the letter to Google, but are awaiting a response. We will re-contact them every so often because we believe this to be very important.

    Thank You Google

    My daughter, son and I owe you so much. When all my wife’s doctors, specialists, oncologists, surgeons and the Mayo Clinic had given up on her and she was given only days left to live, I spent almost a hundred hours on your search engine because I would not give up. As a result, by using your great Google search engine, I found a chemotherapy regime for use by her oncologist that shrunk my wife’s tumors in days and had her eating solid food in the week. The joy in her eyes when she could swallow food and walk and talk again was so ---- there are no words to describe it. Without your search engine, I would have not succeeded in getting 11 additional months of good quality of life for her and our family.

    After discussions with my son, who is a Computer Engineer, we strongly believe that with some work on your search engine and some convincing of researchers to enter their data in a slightly different fashion, Google will be able to provide the most current, most effective treatment options to cancer oncologists around the world. Naturally it could also be used for all other diseases as well and would be easily accessible for all doctors and patients alike.

    My research work using Google was praised by one of the head oncologists at Cancer Care Manitoba which is the multimillion dollar, provincially funded, state of the art cancer care facility for all of Manitoba. The oncologist stated that although Cancer Care Manitoba has a very extensive library, they really needed to have someone do that research work for all the rest of their patients that I had been doing for my wife. Google, with some work, and the click of a few keys, you could be that data researcher. You could provide that most valuable life saving or life extending knowledge for everyone rich or poor alike.

    My son and I are not trying to sell you anything. We want to convince you to attempt something that should not be that difficult but could be incredibly useful for all of humanity. We know what worked for us and what did not work as well, and we would love to share it with you at no cost and without any future obligations so that you can take it where it needs to go and provide it to everyone for free just like the World Wide Web.

    If interested, simply reply to this e-mail and let’s talk further. If not interested, then please be so kind as to give us the contact information of someone who maybe interested because as stated before we do not give up. This can happen. This must happen. This will happen.

    Glen Kruck and Adam Fraser-Kruck

    Janet Ann Fraser

    Janet Ann Fraser

    The best mom a kid could ask for!