IHYD - I Hope You Dance

A site created to do good in memory of Janet Ann Fraser. The below links show some of our current ventures and supported websites.

no-C-em - four player checkers game!

no-C-em (pronounced no see 'em) is an exciting game for 3-4 players which is based on simple rules, yet has no limit of entertaining possibilities. Think 4 player checkers. The name no-C-em came about because the game is filled with wild moves that you just don't see coming.

    Searching for the cure - a note to Google

    Searching for the cure is a letter written to Google with a suggestion of how to help people searching for new cancer medications.

      West End Community Centre - [Brandon MB]

      Booking and general information for the West End Community Centre.

        Janet Ann Fraser

        Janet Ann Fraser

        The best mom a kid could ask for!